Quo vadis, Metaphysics?

The old philosophical discipline of metaphysics – after having been pronounced dead by many – has enjoyed a significant revival within the last thirty years, due to the application of the methods of Analytical Philosophy. To this revival, the outstanding American metaphysician Peter van Inwagen has significantly contributed. At the conference, papers can – but not necessarily have to – consider aspects of van Inwagen’s metaphysical positions: on material beings, freedom of the will, the problem of evil, existence, identity, modality, etc. With or without connection to van Inwagen’s work, the conference will ponder the future prospects of metaphysics in all the richness it has now returned to. Given the present flowering of metaphysics, it is only natural that logical and epistemological reflections on the significance of metaphysics – sometimes called “meta-metaphysics” – are expected to play a considerable role at the conference.

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