ICFO – The International Center for Formal Ontology (in Polish: Międzynarodowe Centrum Ontologii Formalnej) is a research centre focused on world-class research in the field of formal ontology, carried out by Polish scholars in close cooperation with outstanding foreign specialists.
The general objective of the Centre is to analyze and solve specific ontological issues using the results of modern formal logic and mathematics.
The specific objectives of the Centre are:

 organize, initiate and coordinate research in formal ontology;
• organize international research groups (see: Research Groups);
• organize international conferences and workshops (see: Conferences, Workshops);
• organize seminars and lectures, which will be carried out by eminent specialists (see: Seminars, Lectures);
• training and educational activities that will involve propagating the results of formal ontology (with an emphasis on rigor, clarity and the intersubjectivity of philosophical arguments);
• publishing activities (to publish a series of books);
• promote a young generation of formal ontologists (those in the process of obtaining habilitation or doctorates with the active support of foreign mentors);
• establish a working relationship and cooperate with national and foreign research institutions that have similar objectives.