baner 2018

The Third Summer School on Argumentation: Computational and Linguistic Perspectives (SSA 2018) was a part of Warsaw Argumentation Week (WAW 2018), and was held from 6th to 16th September 2018 at the Warsaw University of Technology. WAW 2018 included COMMA 2018, themed COMMA workshops, and the 16th ArgDiaP conference and workshops.

It was the third event in the series of Summer Schools on Argumentation, the first Summer School on Argumentation took place at the University of Dundee in 2014 in the UK, the second took place at the University of Postdam in 2016 in Germany. The main aim of SSA 2018 was to provide attendees with a solid foundation in computational and linguistic aspects of argumentation and the emerging connections between the two.

The school was held in the days before the COMMA conference and included tutorials from the conference’s invited speakers, as well as other leading academics in argumentation and linguistics. Moreover, we organised the Student Session which consisted of contributed talks, posters and discussions with mentors. The best contributed talk was awarded a Best SSA 2018 Paper Award. There were also some social events scheduled for the duration of SSA 2018. Limited number of grants consisting of free registration to the summer school were available.



Organising Committee:


In one word, my experience in Warsaw on the occasion of SSA2018 was awesome! I decided to attend the school in order to collect ideas and receive feedbacks for my PhD thesis. I was mainly interested in abstract argumentation, but the tutorials helped me to delve into many aspects of the argumentation theory I was not familiar with. What I liked the most (I mean… apart coffee breaks) is that during the lessons we treated both theoretical results and practical applications and tools, so to have a complete picture of the state of the art. Among the many topics we explored, I enjoyed a lot some works on argument mining, models for formalising arguments and argumentation schemes, negotiation and various applied case studies. Last, but not least, the company I found made this summer school in Warsaw really entertaining. Lunches, dinners and tours of the city helped to make this school just a great experience.

Carlo Taticchi

SSA represent us different perspectives of argumentation, especially from philosophy, computation, language, application and logic.  I was glad to see how formal Logic works in argumentation, which would help me focus on logic based argumentation. Therefore, it’s a successful jorney for me to be Wasaw, which is full of palatable food.

Xiaolong Liu