ICFO is established with the aim to inspire and focus thought on philosophical and non-philosophical issues requiring ontological considerations with formal methods and associated formalized description languages. ICFO strives to follow the tradition of the Lvov-Warsaw Philosophical School.

ICFO aspires to consider both natural beings and artifacts, i.e. human-made things. Of special interest are the relations of artifacts with natural things, relations which influence the evolution of different forms and aspects of human culture.

ICFO considers how artifacts come into existence, i.e. the poietic aspects of human activity, in particular, the ethical aspects of the creation of artifacts, and the ontology of human and divine creators, and also the epistemic aspects of human activity and their influence on human behavior.

ICFO aims to enablediverse forms of collaboration among scholars of all domains of intellectual activity, in particular, in the form of interdisciplinary research programs, joint doctoral studies, and conferences.

ICFO disseminates the results of its activity in internationally distributed monographs and journals, and with the aid of other means of communication.