The International Center for Formal Ontology (ICFO) publishes scholarly  books with the publishing house de Gruyter in the special series: Books edited by the International Center for Formal Ontology (as a part of the Philosophical Analysis).

The series provides a forum for innovative, high-quality work in all fields of analytical philosophy. The subseries of books edited by the International Center for Formal Ontology (ICFO) presents world-class research in the field of formal ontology, carried out by Polish scholars in close cooperation with outstanding foreign specialists.

Editorial Board of the Books edited by the International Center for Formal Ontology series

Miroslaw Szatkowski (International Center for Formal Ontology, Warsaw, Poland), Tomasz Bigaj (University of Warsaw, Poland), Michał Głowala (University of Wrocław, Poland), Christian Kanzian (University of Innsbruck, Austria), Uwe Meixner (University of Augsburg, Germany), Joanna Odrowąż-Sypniewska (University of Warsaw, Poland), Alexander Pruss (Baylor University, USA), Roger Pouivet (University of Lorraine, France).

Michał Głowala, Singleness Self-Individuation and Its Rejection in the Scholastic Debate on Principles of Individuation, Philosophical Analysis, De Gruyter  Ontos, 2016.


What makes a sand grain a single grain? Can it be anything distinct from the grain? This book analyses the argument exchange on such issues within the scholastic debates on individuation, and its implications for metaphysics. It shows that the prima facie sound answer that everything is single by itself is untenable, and then discusses the two major strategies of rejecting it embraced by the Scotists and the Thomists, arguing for the latter one.